Organic Farmers, Markets and CSAs

See also, My Real Food Sources. I place an emphasis on pastured animals and organic produce when selecting my food sources. Some may choose local over organic, but I choose organic first. That said, I have discovered just how many great farmers we have around Ottawa and how much we can get here both local and organic. I’m listing here the farmers who I know are raising pastured animals and organic produce. Most of these I have bought from or at least talked to at markets or through emails.

**Look for these vendors at many of the farmers markets around Ottawa

Ashton Glen Farm (Beef by the cut)

BearBrook Farm (whole chickens, chicken pieces, wild turkey breast, duck breast & legs, pork, variety of meats, sausages and game meats, gluten-free)

Bob Dobson’s Beef – email:

Canreg Station Pasture Dairy (best lamb ever, I buy in bulk often) – Josef Regli

Elk Ranch (great burgers, stews etc)

Funny Duck Farms (lamb, eggs, kefir, etc) –

Miskin Meadows (pork, lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, goat) –

Totally Natural Beef – L.J. Helferty

Trillium Meadows Red Deer & Wild Boar Farm: 613-678-1679

Upper Canada Heritage Meats (heritage pork)


Canreg Station Pasture Dairy (sheep milk cheeses) – Josef Regli

Given the legal problems that raw dairy farmers are having in Canada, I won’t post information about who is selling raw milk. Contact me if you are looking for a source in Ottawa.


Bryson Farms – Home Delivery CSA (Local CSA, fruits, vegetables)

Connaught Acres – Home Delivery Basket (Local CSA, produce, eggs)

Life Organic – Home Delivery Basket (Mots local/regional, fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs, coffee)

Ottawa Organics – Home Delivery Service (Most local/regional, fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, cereals)

Roots and Shoots Farm – Vegetable CSA

Pick Your Own Fruits & Vegetables
**Note: not all these farms are certified organic but they strive to use the most natural methods possible.

Dekok Family Berry Farm – strawberries, raspberries, apples

Rubicon Farms – blueberries, many varieties, fully Organic See their Facebook Page for info

Farmers Markets
**Note: Not all vendors at the market sell organic produce or meat, make sure to ask them what their farming practices are like!

Carp Farmers Market –

Cumberland Farmers Market –

Kanata Farmers Market –

Main Street Farmers Market –

Orleans Farmers Market – satellite of the main Ottawa farmers market

Ottawa Farmers Market – Westboro

Ottawa Organic Farmers Market – Open year round! Heron & Bank

Vankleek Hill Farmers Market –

Food Co-ops

Eastern Ontario Local Food Co-op – Organic produce & meat


  1. Hi there, Kat!

    I just noticed the link to our farm on your site. Thanks!

    Then I noticed that you don’t have one of the best farmers markets listed on your site, the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market! The website for it is

    take care,

  2. @samantha Oh! Oops, I think I missed it after posting the other Ottawa Market. I like that the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market is open year-round. Thanks Samantha for running such a wonderful farm!

  3. I just moved to carleton place from Alberta. I am looking for pasturized NON homogenized cows milk, do you know anywhere I can find this? I would use raw but I don’t have a dehydrator to make yogurt with the raw milk….I really hope that you will know where I can get this….Thanks Jamie

    • Hi, could you please email me about where I can get raw milk at Ottawa. Prefer Kanata area. Thanks.

  4. Hi There,

    I thought I’d give you 3 new places to check out.
    Our farm is Miskin Meadows Farm. We are Organic meat farmers. We sell heritage berkshire pork (coming this summer) and Duroc crossed pork. We also sell Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Goats meat. We are open year round at the farm.
    we also sell at 2 markets that run all through the year. Our website is not finished yet as we don’t have individual pricing up there but you can see what we do and how.

    2 nd is the Vankleek Hill Farmers Market we are there every saturday year round. this market has many organic options for meats and veggies and all kinds of other items.

    3rd is the Eastern Ontario Local Food Co-op
    This is an online local food buying / co-op and food source. Each week from Friday to Sunday you can order all sorts of local food items and have them delivered to the closest drop off ready for you to pick up. check us out
    If you decide to join mention our farm name please.

    I see trillium meadows deer and boar farm ementioned , they are also a par tof the 2nd & 3rd choices

    You have many great links here, thank you

  5. Hi Kat,

    We currently sell at Vankleek HIll Farmers Market & the easternontariolocalfood co-op. we also sell from the farm gate and arrangements can usually be made for delivery to Ottawa if needed at a general meeting place.

    Thanks for the link I love your food blog. As a farmer I appreciate your support through this blog every little plug for local food is another step to local sustainability and independance.


  6. Hi Kat,
    Thanks for your website, it’s really helpful! I live in Orleans and clicked on the Orleans Farmer’s Market link, but unfortunately it links to the one in Orleans, MA (Cape Cod). Although it looks tasty, it’s a bit far to go for local food! 😉 I have been to the Farmer’s Market here but don’t know the website address, sorry.

  7. Lol Thanks Sarah! It’s part of the Ottawa Farmers Market so shares the same page. If you haven’t been to the Cumberland market I hear that has a bit more than the Orleans one.

  8. Hi there Kat,

    I am so glad to have found your website! It is so informative as to what hard working local farmers have to offer the community. I invite you to peruse our website at, and I would love to be a part of your list depicting local year round naturally raised meat producers. Thanks so much for providing others such a comprehensive list of healthy local foods!

  9. I’m sorry for the ignorance, but can someone explain homogenization to me?
    I recently picked up a jar of kefir and it says pasteurized, but not homogenized? (Pasteurization, if I understand correctly is heating it to kill off all bacteria (including beneficial bacteria…which is odd, because that’s why we get yogurt/kefir – for the beneficial bacteria – but I guess they add those…)
    (I was hoping for unpasteutized as well, but…)

    Thanks so much!

  10. Omigoodness — this is an absolute goldmine of information! Thank you so much for the effort & info that you’ve put into this site. I started SCD just over 2 wks ago, and have been struggling re: finding organic meats at affordable prices in the Ottawa area; this is an enormous help. I now feel renewed hope + energy re: making this work for the long term!

  11. Hi Kat,

    I am looking for a seller of raw sheep’s milk. Any advice?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Jozefina,
      Did you find any seller of raw sheep’s milk in ottawa?
      I know your post was long time ago but Iam new in ottawa and looking for it.
      Thank you,

  12. Hello I’m looking for farmers in the Ottawa area that sell raw milk. I need some contacts please

  13. Hello,
    I am wondering where I can buy raw milk in Ottawa? I have been doing research on remineralizing teeth and would love to add that to my diet.
    I am a student at one of the universities and do not have a car, if possible is there a distributor that lives near an OC transpo stop?

    Thank you

  14. Hi there, I would love to buy raw milk can you please help me find someone local. .. willing to travel a but if need be.

  15. I would like to buy raw milk in the Ottawa area for making kefir. Thanks!

  16. I need raw milk … Prefer goat’s or sheep’s … But cow’s its ok too … I live in aylmer, Qc but can travel to ottawa or closest location …. Thank you!

    • Hi
      I buy goat milk at Farm Boy few locations have them but some if you ask them they could order it for you
      It’s made by HEWITT’S Farm in Ontario
      I spoke to them directly and they said they don’t add any vitamin or probiotic to their milk because not required by the government when comes to goat milk
      It is pasteurized I hope that helps

  17. Hello,

    I have been searching for raw milk to make cheese. I’ve tried so many recipes using pasteurized milk and they just don’t turn out 🙁

    • When using pasteurized milk to make cheese it’s essential that you add 1/4 tsp of calcium chloride. You can usually get this at wine making shops.

  18. Hi,
    Where can i find raw milk. I am in montreal, quebec i dont mind traveling to get it. 1 to 2 hours away max.

  19. I have been reading a lot about the benefits of raw organic milk. Please let me know places near Ottawa I can order/shop from. Thank you for your help and discretion for those farmers.

  20. Hi,
    Can you please send me sources for raw milk in the ottawa/montreal area. I live in Montreal so closer would be ideal. I’m also looking for non homogenized whole goats/sheep’s milk, is there a brand you would recommend? Thank you so much!!

  21. Would be very interested in any farm where we could get raw milk, ideally west end of Ottawa. Our daughter has significant intolerances to dairy and multiple other items, but was fine on raw milk during a farm vacation stay. Thanks in advance,

  22. Thank you for this wonderful post. Will you please send me information on obtaining raw milk in Ottawa.


  23. Hello,
    Wonderful article! Just wondering where I could potentially buy some raw milk. Any info you could provide me would be great!

  24. Yes looking like Raw Goats Milk is something we know is a benefit. So why so difficult to find it? I’m in Oakville Ontario and would really appreciate being able to buy some. Anyone know where?

  25. Hi Kat,
    Thank you for this wonderful post. I truly appreciate if you could send me information on obtaining raw milk in Ottawa?

  26. Looking for raw milk in the Ottawa area. Are you able to connect me to a source? Thank you.

  27. Hi Kat,
    I am firstly looking to hook up with someone who is willing to sell me raw cows milk. I drink this wonderful stuff by the gallon and have had wonderful results from fasting for 6 weeks on just milk alone! I have never felt better! My current supplier is having business issues and has halted supplies! I am missing my milk so very much.

    Secondly, if you can also recommend me a supplier of Raw Sheeps milk, not sure if this is as tricky to get hold of, but would like to find a wonderful supplier close to Ottawa. I live in Cantley, QC, but will drive to collect either milk. Thanks Kat. Great info on your site and love reading all the comments. TTFN.

  28. Hi, I’m also looking for organic raw milk in Ottawa / Kanata. Any direction would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  29. Good day, I’m also in great need for organic raw milk/yogurt in Ottawa-Hull. Your guidance on where i would be able obtain them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  30. Please message me about sources for raw milk. I am in Ottawa west but don’t mind traveling to Ottawa east for a good source. Thank you very much for this awesome site!

  31. Hello,

    «My husband and I are looking to purchase raw organic milk. Can you please help us.

    Thank you,
    Lorrey and Therese

  32. Hi Kat,
    I am desperately hoping to get organic raw milk for health reasons . I have done some research on organic raw milk helping with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and low bone density. My daughter also suffers from irritable bowels .
    We live in Luskville , qc and would be willing to drive to Ottawa or wherever necessary to get the milk.
    We’ve been looking foe a long time and really hope you can help us!!!! We really want to be healthy again and I know the milk would help!!

    Thank you very much for bringing hope!!

  33. Hi Kat,
    Could you please advise me of where to find raw goats milk in the Ottawa area. thank you 🙂

  34. Will throw my lot in with the wonderful folks above, and sure to be more below!
    Also looking for raw goats / cows milk to make Kefir — I’m in the Russell / Embrun area southeast of Ottawa, but can also travel to Ottawa.
    Tyvm for any information supplied.

  35. Could you please advise where I could purchase organic raw milk?… for health reasons as well.

    thank you!

  36. Hello,
    I’m looking for raw milk in the Kanata/ Ottawa area and would appreciate your help.
    Thank you

  37. Awesome Info 🙂 I would really love to know where I could get raw milk and raw cheeses please. Thank you!

  38. Looking for raw milk in Ottawa. Hoping for Jersy or Guernsy herd with A2 gene. Legal issue is so annoying!! Milk Nazis need to mind their own beeswax….
    Text 613-862-3269

  39. Hi Kat,
    we just moved to Ottawa from Italy and I’m desperately looking for raw milk (goat, sheep or cow), could you tell me where to find it?
    Thank you so much!

  40. Hi,
    I’m in Rockland, Ontario and I’m looking for somebody close by who sells raw milk. I grew up in Russia and always had raw milk and I cannot get used to store bought milk. I found one farmer in Spencerville but it’s a bit of a drive for me. Can you please help me out to find somebody closer!
    Thank you

  41. Looking for a source of raw milk so I can make some finnish squeaky cheese!! Thanks and luv your site.

  42. I am looking for a raw milk supply in the Ottawa area. To my surprise at age 60 I developed an intolerance to milk which causes a mucous reaction in my throat. I tried lactose-free milk and yogourt and for a few months and it worked quite well. Then after a while the mucous reaction returned a little bit when I consumed these lactose-free products. I have just returned from a month long trip to India, where happily I was able to consume large quantities of chai (spicy, milky tea), raita ( yogourt with veg, “salad”), and lassi ( yogourt drink flavoured with banana or mango) to my heart’s content without any mucous reaction!! Since milk and milk products are boiled in India, I presume the milk is raw and unpasteurized there. I would very much appreciate your help in finding a raw milk supply in Ottawa, and yogourt too.
    Thanks so much for your help!! Judith.

  43. Hi I’m in Aylmer Quebec wondering if you might have a local source for raw unpasteurized milk cow or sheep thanks

  44. like everyone else Iam also looking for a source for raw milk please tia.

  45. Hi, I’m looking for raw milk products here in Ottawa. Can you help?

  46. Hi, thanks for all this. I am looking for Rae milk. Which farms would you know are most ethical to there animals?
    Thank you

  47. Hi, I believe after doing research, the next best thing to raw goat’s milk is low temperature pasteurized (which is vat or batch). I have found one farmer in Western Ontario and one farmer near Quebec City. The problem is transportation. As a group, we could take turns in picking it up there if there were enough interested. We would probably need to do only one trip a year each. What are your thoughts?

  48. Hi dear! Thanks for a of the great ressources listed above! I am seeking raw milk everywhere and having no luck. My email is
    Thanks ahead oxox

  49. please pm me for the sources of raw goat and sheep milk that one can get access to in Ottawa region or in Quebec. We live in Montreal south shore but I work in Mirabel so the drive from there to ottawa is not that far. please let me know, I have all the gluten sensitivities and problems with processed dairy so making my own yoghurt and kefir from raw milk as well as consuming raw dairy would be a blessing. Thank you very much in advance!

  50. Looking for raw milk near ottawa. Cow and goat. Started homemade cheese as a hobby.

  51. Hi, I’m in Ottawa looking for raw milk goat or sheep. Could you please help?

  52. Hi there,
    Can you please provide some contacts for raw cow milk in Ottawa or surroundings ? Many thanks

  53. I tried emailing you directly UT couldn’t find a contact email address. Also interested 8n sources of raw milk. I’m n orleans. Thanks so much!

  54. Hi, I’m also looking for raw goat or sheep milk (anything but cow, really). Please let me know where I can find some. Thank you so much!

  55. Hi
    I would be very grateful if you could give me the info for a raw milk seller close to Ottawa. Thank you in advance!

  56. I have been – for many years now – desperately seeking a local reliable source for grass fed beef and raw milk from grass fed cows. I would also gladly settle for whole milk (grass fed also) if raw is now feasible. Organic veggie source would be great too. Ultimately it would all come from the same place.

    Aside : this is an awesome site! thank you!!

  57. Hi! I’m in J8L 0H5 just outside of Gatineau, QC. I’m looking for raw milk. The closer to me the better obviously but I’ll make the drive to Ottawa or surrounding areas if need be. In the meantime I’ll ask around. If I find anything I’ll make sure to let you know. Thanks so much for taking the time for this great resource!!

  58. Hi Kat. Thanks for the information. Great website. Would it be possible to have information on where I can get raw milk? I live in Gatineau. Thanks.

  59. Hi there,
    Can you please provide some contacts for raw cow milk in Ottawa or surroundings? Thanks

  60. Thanks for excellent source of health food info.

    I am in Kanata (Ottawa), ON. Please send me raw milk supplier contacts or locations.
    Thanks so much.

  61. Hi Kat, I am looking for an organic raw milk supplier for a 70+ senior who I got to know through the Ottawa Organic Farmer’s market. She is living in Ottawa’s west end (Nepean) and she doesn’t drive so she would need to either receive her milk order via a drop off or find someone in Ottawa who would be willing to pick up her milk order from the farmer. Thanks so much for your great website.

  62. I live in barrhaven and interested in raw cows milk… it has great benefits for health and growth

  63. Hi,
    I am also looking for a raw cow milk supplier around Ottawa area..Any information is greatly appricated. You can contact me at or call (613) 262-8136.

    Thanks a lot,

  64. Hi Kat,
    Can you please share with me sourses of raw caw and sheep milk? I live in Ottawa at Measowlands and Prince of Wales. My phone is 613 314 5330, email Many thanks, Siyafat.

  65. We moved from Europe 12 years ago and was fortunate to find a farm that provided raw milk in limited quantity near Vankleek but our farmer had to retire from farming due to aging and serious back injury. Can you tell us where to find raw milk anywhere around Ottawa? We do not mind the distance. Thank you.
    We don’t understand the law against raw milk in Canada: it is sold everywhere in Europe at Supermarkets and local farmers’markets. France only sells A2 milk, raw or/and pasteurized, especially in Normandy. The British royal family only drink raw milk from their own farms. So why is it illegal to sell or buy it here?

  66. Thanks for all the info!!! I need info on where to get unpasteurized milk – on west end of Ottawa. Can you send me info?

    • Me too, please send me some info about getting raw milk in Ottawa area, I was thinking I would have to travel to across the border in US to get it, so this is good news we can find it here in Ottawa

  67. Hello Kat,
    I hope you’re doing fine! Thank you for the great info on your website. Is it possible to send me the info about getting raw milk near Ottawa? I currently live in Montreal, and I am looking to buy raw milk because of my health condition. I have read the benefits of raw milk, and it would be truly a blessing from you to get any information on farmers who provide raw milk.
    You can email me the info at
    Thank you very much!

    • Iam looking for the same. My husband has serious health issue and we need it urgently. Please let me know if you found any source.

  68. Hi Kat! Could you please email me where i can find raw organic cow’s milk in ottawa.Thank you so much.

  69. Hi Kat,
    I live in the ottawa area and I was hoping you could help me find raw milk farmer(s) that may still be available in the ottawa region.
    Looking to make some cheese and butter.
    Greatly appreciated.

  70. Hi there Kat. Could you please call or email me with information on where to find raw milk in the ottawa area? Thank you in advance! 613-790-0037

  71. Hi Kat
    I’m looking for raw milk to make cheeses. I live in Gatineau but I don’t mind travelling the valley to find good healthy products. Do you have a place to recommend?

  72. Hi there,
    I would love to know where to find organic raw milk to make cheese and butter!
    Thank you so much!!!

  73. Hi Kat,
    I am looking for raw milk to make cheese and would love a raw milk source. I m in Ottawa. Please text me at 6138673841.
    Thanks so much!

  74. Please recommend a retail source for whole milk. Pasteurized is fine. I have been looking all over. Thanks.

  75. Hi Kat,
    I am looking for raw milk -Non homogenized. I would appreciate you if you share some location in Ottawa around nepean or city center.

  76. Hi there, looking for a place to get either raw cow’s milk or raw goat’s milk in the Ottawa area please!! Please reach out to me by text at 613-863-2441 or email. Thank you!

  77. Hi Kat, Im looking for a place where to get row goat milk and goat product in Ottawa area.
    Please reach me by email
    Thanks Mary

    • We are grateful for your post and hoping you can still share the locations where we can obtain raw goats milk.
      I am actually from Montreal but have friends in Ottawa who come in regularly.
      Thank you so much.

  78. Thank you for the awesome information. Note that the Ontario food coop has not been in operations for some years now (sadly)
    I am looking for goat milk to make cheese. Can you please contact me?

  79. What a fantastic resource! Thank you for this list of local places to support. I too, am in need of raw dairy sources (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, etc). Many thanks!

  80. I am looking for sheep milk for soap making. It can be raw or pasturized.

  81. Hi Kat,
    Desperate to find raw milk at this stage. Toronto only sells it in pet stores lol and it’s frozen so its denatured. If you have any leads about Toronto or nearby. Also ottawa, I would be willing to travel. Thank you so much!

  82. Looking for Raw goat’s milk in Ottawa area for a new foal. Mother is not producing milk. It was born this morning May 17 2020. Thank you Kat.

  83. Please call or text me for r@w milk sources near Ottawa. 613-88O-O75O.. Ty vvmuch. My farmer who used cow shares some time ago, retired. Hoping to make cheese.

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