Update: Hawaii Food

It’s been a long time since my last update! I recovered well from the appendicitis which isn’t all that hard when living in Hawaii. I was there for just under 3 months and it was a great relaxation/reboot time. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a real getaway to head to Hawaii.

For the first month post-op I was staying away from starches and focusing on having lots of rich broth and SCD yogurt. The fresh fruit available at the local market was amazing, so I ate lots of papayas, bananas, avocado, various other fruits, and coconut. My breakfasts most mornings were papayas with yogurt and honey, and a big cup of broth.

Papayas with yogurt

I made the broth mostly from chicken and beef feet. One of the grocery stores was always stocked with these types of cuts so it was pretty convenient.

Bones and oysters

The seafood available was good too. Lots of tuna, white fish, oysters and crab. At one of the local fish markets they had a delicious ceviche I got once. This is a really good SCD-friendly dish that’s great for summer since you don’t have to cook it. For a good recipe & how-to check out Cheeseslave’s video.


Hawaii is also known for it’s beef, and I had no trouble finding good pastured, organic beef while I was there. Along with the buttery avocados for guacamole it made for some good taco ingredients. I just eat my ‘tacos’ in a bowl with a spoon, no corn chips required!


I also took some supplements – Vitamins A, K, multi-mineral, extra zinc, Betaine HCL and a probiotic. (I included links to ones I use and recommend, note that the minerals contains acacia which is not SCD-legal) I got a good amount of sun everyday as well. I don’t usually take supplements regularly but felt it would be beneficial during recovery. I took the Betaine HCL mainly because the doctor said during a scan I had some stomach inflammation, probably due to H Pylori.

After that much broth, supplements and eating well in general I felt pretty good. I then managed to add some starches back in, and also some Haagen Daz ice cream which was a delicious treat! I made sushi a few times with avocado and tuna. The tuna there is fresh in every grocery store at least twice a week.

Tuna and avocado sushi

A nice little find on Maui was this yogurt shop. You fill up a cup with however much yogurt you want (some flavored, but they also had plain) and then put some toppings on. I put honey and strawberries on mine. Such a good snack place!

Yogurt Shop

Since being home in Canada I’ve been feeling great. I kept starches (potatoes, rice, some corn) and raw milk in my diet with no problems at all. I haven’t had any digestive symptoms since the surgery and while I stick to whole foods at home, I seem to tolerate anything gluten-free.

One thing I have added since first trying it in Hawaii is coconut water. I had it fresh there in a young coconut but at home I get it in tetra packs. It has a decent amount of magnesium in it, some other minerals, and postassium/sodium for good hydration. I’m not sure why on SCD it’s recommended to only have mature coconuts, but if I was a few months into SCD I would have like to try this. Delicious!


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.


  1. So glad to see you back, Kat. Missed your blog, but glad to know that you’ve recovered well from appendicitis. I’m just beginning my SCD journey, and you’re an inspiration for me. Take care.

  2. How’s the Ray Peat reading coming along? I’ve been reading it as well with keen interest. Lots of good info, but coming from a WAPF and GAPS background, I still have some disconnects, especially with sugar, fructose, and lactic acid/fermented foods. Trying to keep an open mind though.

  3. @Derek I read through his articles on his site, but haven’t read any of his books yet. Keep in mind he is looking mostly at how to deal with stress, hormones etc from a therapeutic point of view, while WAPF studies effects of diet over generations. I had success with GAPS and I also had success with doing some things Ray Peat suggests. It’s good to keep an open mind so you have more options when one things isn’t working 🙂

  4. I think for fruit sugars they need to mature so that the starches turn to sugar which is much more digestable. Same with bananas- how they need to get black spots before using on a SCD diet.

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