Update: Nuts, Dairy, Juicing, Vitamin D

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update! Things got pretty stressful for me before Christmas but the holidays themselves were very relaxing. Coming down to such a relaxed state just made me even more aware of what that stress was doing to my health and happiness. Now I’m pretty focused on not letting myself feel that again. I’m slowly learning how to prioritize, take care of my health and ask for more help. Time will tell, but so far since Christmas I have been dealing much better. Oh and I got an awesome Le Creuset french oven from my family for Christmas that I really need to make something with and do a post on!


Over the holidays I ate quite a lot of almonds and walnuts. This was after months of not eating nuts at all anymore, other than one or two days around Thanksgiving. For Christmas I had nuts in the stuffing I made for the turkey dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert. I ate them over about 5 days and felt gross. My stomach just does not like nuts at all. I find it interesting that these actually give me more digestive problems than other non-legal SCD foods like rice, soy sauce, and dairy. If you’re on SCD/GAPS and eating nuts everyday, I’d suggest a week or two off them to see how you do. I know most people think it’s not satisfying if you can’t have baked goods, but as a former cookie/cake/bread-aholic I can assure you’ll survive!


I have been buying raw milk since late spring, both cow and sheep milk. I absolutely love it and it makes the best SCD yogurt ever. The texture is completely different from any milk I used from the store. I seem to be tolerating raw cream (not SCD-legal) so I have been enjoying that for some time now. My favorite dessert is just some cream with berries and honey. Raw kefir is another addition that has been great. It’s much easier to make than yogurt and I find it really delicious (after a first few tastes where I thought it was gross!). I have found from my dairy-free period and then dairy re-intro challenge that I don’t tolerate cheese well at all. So I’ve been cheese-free since August and although I miss it, I do feel a lot better off it.

Vitamin D

With each post about my acne issues I was getting comments and suggestions to check my vitamin D levels. I guess I never posted here about vitamin D because I was never deficient so it wasn’t a concern of mine during the time I’ve had this blog. I was tested before I started on SCD and had normal status. Then when I learned about the proper test to ask for I got that test done and my levels were high in the optimal range so I never bothered again. The optimal range was reached without me even taking a high dose D3 supplement. I took multivitamins on and off for many years (which probably contained about 400IU), plus I’m very pale and sunbathe most days for about 6 months of the year. Sometimes I was taking a fish oil that contained extra vitamin D and now I take cod liver oil that naturally contains some vitamin D. In any case, my levels were already in the optimum range when I was at my sickest, had just gotten over mono, had the worst acne and digestive issues. I can’t be certain vitamin D deficiency didn’t play a role in my getting sick, but it apparently isn’t something that is affecting me now.


The juicing is going great! I always thought the recommendation on SCD to water down the juices meant that we shouldn’t have too much. On GAPS more importance is placed on juicing a larger quantity. Well, in my experience early on in SCD I did just fine with fresh juices made at home, not diluted. And now I’m doing great with them in large amounts. What’s nice about juicing is that it can be a good way to take raw egg yolks (mixed in the juice), even raw grated liver, and in my case, extra raw cream. After a couple months of doing this, I’m noticing my skin is a lot clearer. Also my nails which have always had deep ridges (lengthwise) are much smoother. I definitely think this is helping with nutritional deficiencies, both the juicing and getting more raw animal foods in my diet.

That’s all for now, still working on getting healthier, sleeping a lot and getting happier. Hope to post more soon.


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.


  1. I’ve been wondering when you’d get back to blogging. Ah, the joys of figuring out what you really can and cannot eat.

  2. @Soli lol, well diet does tend to be an ever changing thing. I’m still adding stuff in and removing stuff as I go, 3 years later. Actually I’ve been modifying my diet for over 7 years now. At least the past 3 (since finding SCD) all the changes have brought about more healing.

  3. Thank you for your update! I just started GAPS a few weeks back and I am highly frustrated that I cannot add in nuts or seeds yet, they give me a stuffy nose right when I ingest them, and then a headache and fatigue. I was beginning to wonder just how I would do this diet long term w/o nut flours and butters, and then I read your blog. How long have you been doing this diet? I also have a problem with candida so I cannot do honey, fruit, or any things that “taste” good! You give me hope, to know you can do this w/o nuts and nut flours.

  4. Hi Kat, I’m a newbie to your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I get caught up and can’t blog for weeks sometimes, too… whaddya gonna do??? Do you have any info on the deep ridges on your nails? I have searched the internet to no avail… no idea why I have ridges from cuticle to tip. On my thumbs they are very deep, too. I found a great article by a naturopath (http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig11/durst-m4.1.1.html) and a little something from Mayo Clinic that says nothing to worry about (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/nails/AN00591). Maybe not… but I didn’t have them till a couple of years ago and don’t have arthritis. Curious. I’m 55 so quite a bit older than you… I’ve not seen another blogger mention them. Any clues? Thank you!

  5. @Melissa I’ve been on the diet 3 years now. I never ate nut butters or flours for very long periods on this diet because they always ended up causing problems. For a while I had to go quite low carb and couldn’t handle much honey or fruit or Candida-like symptoms would flare up, but now I can eat plenty of them. Can you handle juices? Raw carrot juice with garlic is actually used by some for treating candida, even though carrot is higher in sugars.

    @Sally I’ve never found anything about the ridges no. I have heard of horizontal ridges but not vertical. I know that a lot of nail issues tend to be related to nutritional status. I’ll be curious to see if mine go away completely. I’ve had them as long as I can remember.

  6. You give me a lot of hope, knowing you can now tolerate honey and fruit, if I could eat those it would be a lot easier to not have the fours and nut butters! For me, I just need to learn patience, I keep wanting to add things in too quickly. Thank you for your blog, I love it! I started one documenting my healing interstitial cystitis, well HOPEFULLY this will heal it..

  7. @Katie Well, I sunbathe most days, not possible to sunbathe daily! In the summer, I go outside at work during the lunch hour. In the winter I take more cod liver oil.

    @Melissa What is the link to your blog? I had symptoms of interstitial cystitis and was about to see a specialist but instead went to a naturopath. For me, getting of gluten helped that the most.

  8. Hi Kat,
    I am not sure what I have….its been suggested to me that I have a bacterial overgrowth in my guts…and when I google info. on small intestine bacterial overgrowth, i seem to fit the bill. I also display a lot of signs of diverticulitis…I have a horrible stitch and pain in my left side, lower abdomen and ribs…hurts like hell. Plus, my intestines are also feeling like their being squeezed and gripped into a knot…I have either extreme constipation (i can feel the stool, i strain, but nothing comes); or tiny bits of mushy pebbles…i feel extremely impacted…but i’m five feet one and only less than 70 lbs…my doctor is starting to think i have an eating disorder and put me in hospital (hello stale bread and ensure 🙁
    I am at a loss…a newer naturopath recommended meat, eggs, etc , at each meal, yogurt, cheese…some rice , potatoes, squash, etc…and plenty of fruit , only a bit of nuts or none
    trouble is I MUST gain weight…i can barely walk…and i worry that makes me worse…i honest to god spend nearly every minute sitting…
    i dont know what to do…if its diverticulitis , that could be a problem..my naturopath also thinks its adrenal fatigue..i take a bunch of supplements…i just bought a liquid magnesium to see if i can help the constipation…i have severe back pain – upper and lower..i hunch…sometimes i feel real nauseous…
    i need to somehow fix my gut AND gain weight…i swear, if i lose more weight, i will be in a horrible mess of a state…dehydrated, dizzy, everything…so how to do this?
    i only have limited money and no no apartment space or big pots….no idea how to choose the right meats, etc..when all i have is nonorganic and crappy stuff at the atlantic superstore…yogurt options: liberte goat and greek yogurt…a greek goddess yogurt…liberte plain organic yogurts…olympus yogurts….a kefir product (fermented)…are these okay? and how much a day?
    how many eggs per day?
    what could be a possible menu plan that will BREAK my constipation, clear my gut and HELp me gain weight?
    any thoughts to ALL of these questions? i’m desperate>>>so very lost

  9. Hi Kat – I hope you are doing well! I found this article when I was doing a search for a good post on juicing for some FB posts for Annika’s page on Facebook. I’m going to use this one for the Rockwell Nutrition page to provide some information on how to make healthy juices at home. Great instructions, I really need to start juicing, so this is very inspiring! 🙂

  10. @Hi Send me an email with your location. Maybe there’s a better naturopath or doctor in your area. The SCD, GAPS, and WAPF groups online keep lists of good doctors and health professionals. Might be worth looking for someone new.

    @Raine Thanks Raine! Juicing has been great, highly recommended 🙂

  11. Kat,
    Can you let me know the name and contact stuff of your naturopath in Toronto. Does she do phone consults or visits? Is she only targeted on SCD and adrenal fatigue…or can she deal with underweight people with possible delayed stomach emptying, constipation, diarrhea, bacterial overgrowth, diverticulitis, etc.
    Do you think a doctor and antibiotics are NECESSARY for those conditions? Or possible to do it naturally.
    Also curious if you have thoughts on whether its best to gain weight first (very underweight) or straighten out guts first.
    My naturopath recommended remedies like bryonia and nut vomix…and supplements…I used to go to a naturopath that gave me HCL pills, they maybe helped…but so much money, don’t want to keep doing that. Let me know her contact, or someone else you think would be excellent. I guess it would have to be by phone since I live in Southern Ont. Although, maybe I need to be face to face with someone since I’m so underweight – I don’t have time to play around at all, at all 🙁

  12. @Kat
    Hi Kat,

    I was wondering if you could let us know if the vertical ridges in your nails went away completly or not.
    If yes, what did you do?
    Thank you

    • @Aranka They haven’t gone away completely but are much less pronounced. I believe it’s just from the increased nutrient status and overall health improvement.

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