Surf & Turf: Learn How to Cook Meat & Seafood

I am super excited about an upcoming e-course! Ann Marie of Cheeseslave has a cooking course entirely devoted to meat and seafood. She will cover how to cook a bunch of different cuts including bones, organs, tough cuts and various seafood. This course is great for anyone on  SCD, GAPS or Primal diets. There will be 13 classes (one each week) starting August 18, 2010 for $120.

Check out the syllabus:

1. Overview – how much protein we need, how protein builds neurotransmitters for healthy moods, etc.
2. Stocking Up – how to buy grass-fed meats and store in freezer, how to shop for fish
3. Grilling – how to set up a BBQ (gas or grill) and grilling steaks and chops
4. Raw fish – ceviche & sushi, shucking oysters
5. Cooked fish – fast & easy family-friendly recipes like moules frites and broiled salmon
6. Bone broths – meat, fish and chicken
7. Soups & stews – How to incorporate bone broth and healthy fats into yummy soups – Thai coconut soup, Honduran tapado
8. Roasts, reduction sauces & gravies – Roast duck with cherry reduction sauce, pot roast with simple gravy
9. Frying – pan-frying and deep-frying – Grass-fed flank steak w/ chimichurri sauce, healthy chicken nuggets
10. Sandwiches & salads – Using leftover meat to make sandwiches – Coconut flour bread, chicken salad, Southwestern Cobb salad
11. Organ meats 1 – How to grind organs, beef heart chili, beef tongue, roasted bone marrow
12. Organ meats 2 – Chicken liver pate, chopped liver, liver & onions, homemade liverwurst
13. Appetizers, side dishes & snacks – deviled eggs w/ salmon roe, bacon wrapped scallops & dates, beef jerky, homemade clam dip

The course is gluten- and grain-free, and there are substitutes like coconut milk and coconut oil in place of dairy so it’s both SCD & GAPS legal.

The following video introduction gives a great overview of the course and what you can expect to get out of it.

I am pretty excited about taking the e-course. After following Cheeseslave’s blog for many years and seeing all the nutritious foods she has prepared, I always wanted to learn techniques to help me do that at home. I have figured out through YouTube videos and a whole lot of trial and error how to handle some cuts of meat. To participate in an online course would be a fun experience. Not only will we be learning from the master, but it serves as a great way to bring everyone together to help each other learn. I personally can’t wait for the organ meat weeks! I’m always encouraging people to eat liver and eat it often myself, but I can’t wait to learn proper techniques and recipes.

If you’re interested in learning how to cook meat and seafood, then click here to check out the Surf & Turf e-course.


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.


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