My SCD Food To-Do List

I always keep a todo list (or 2 or 3) around of ideas I have of treats to make or foods to try. Lately my lists have been multiplying, one reason being that I haven’t had enough time to make everything but also that I have had a lot of inspiration from blogs, the Yahoo groups and Twitter friends. I have also realized lately that there are many SCD staples that I haven’t even tried making and I feel like I should give them a fair shot. Here is my current list of SCD foods I want to make:

  • Crackers – Whenever I make my liver pate, I eat it on slices of cheese. I really shouldn’t be eating that much cheese so it would be nice to have something else to put the pate on. Most SCD cracker recipes contain some cheese but at least it’s not as much as I’m having now. 
  • Meatza – I made an SCD pizza but was overwhelmed by how heavy the dough was. I ate the tiniest piece and was stuffed to the point where I felt like I had to lie down. Too much almond flour! I also don’t like that pizzas have very little meat, just some as toppings. So a meatza, where the crust is made of meat, sounds much better. Then I can just throw on some pizza sauce and any veggies/cheese I want without worrying about not getting enough protein.
  • Butternut Squash Fries – Sigh all that chopping makes me tired just thinking about it. So much easier to toss a squash in a slow cooker and leave it on for a few hours. But, I am determined to try these.
  • Smoothie – 2 years 3 months on this diet and I have yet to make a smoothie. I own a blender. I make yogurt. I always have berries around. Time to put them together!
  • Ketchup – To be honest, I have made ketchup twice and both were failures. I didn’t follow recipes. I think I should just find a recipe and do it properly.
  • BBQ Sauce – Never made some because they always depend on ketchup as a major ingredient. I’d like to do one from scratch, so I’ll try ketchup first and then modify that into a BBQ sauce from scratch recipe.
  • Stuffed Anything – Stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed meat rolls..
  • Bread – I have made muffins, brownies, pizza, and cakes but never bread.
  • Hamburger Buns – Hoping I can use the bread for this instead of doing a separate recipe. I eat hamburger patties with condiments but it would be nice to have at least a half a bun.
  • Caremelized Onions – I actually made these once in the slow cooker and forgot about it until they turned black. I had to throw them out. Oops.
  • French Onion Soup – Once I have bread and caremelized onions, this should be as easy as taking out some beef stock, reheating and shredding some cheese.
  • Pemmican – Shelf stable beef meat & fat. This would be the ultimate SCD travel food.

If anyone has a ‘favorite’ recipe for any of these foods let me know! It’s always nice to make a recipe that has already been taste-tested. Also if anyone has made anything like these recently, feel free to share your experiences.


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.


  1. This sort of straddles the meatza and barbeque sauce line – have you tried okonomiyaki (japanese 'pizza' that uses a cabbage/egg/other veg mixture as the crust)? I like mine less egg and mayonnaiseish and more meat-and-bbq-sauceish. Endlessly adaptable, too. Just an idea. 🙂

  2. Interesting, I have never heard of that before. I love an excuse to put mayonnaise on stuff too 😉 Will be adding this to my list. I'd have to do something for the crust without flour, although maybe almond flour + veggies will be a decent crust. Thanks!

  3. Hi Kat,

    Have you ever consider the raw milk diet/cure? I am currently on Day 5 of six weeks and will be posting results weekly on my blog.

    Supposedly it will cure anything, and raw milk is available it Ottawa. I purchase mine from a local cowshare near Ottawa.


  4. Hi Kat,

    I should add that I am aware the dairy in not on the SCD lists. But it has been reported that the Milk cure can 'reset' or 'reboot' the digestive tract. Sorry for lack of better terms.

    It may be a path to explore, my digestive tract has be destroyed by years of sugar, seed oils, pasteurized milk, refined grains/carbs, low sat fat, rounds of antibiotics and too much boozing. Similar to most of us bought up on a western diet…

  5. Hi Scott,
    I am considering the raw milk diet. It is not SCD but I plan to give a variation of it a try. I just joined a raw milk cow share that is starting in May. The current raw milk available near Ottawa is from Holsteins, Jaqueline's Conavista Farm, is this the one you get from? The new one opening is from Jersey's which have a more favorable A2 protein. So I wanted to try the Jerseys (and support a new farmer!).

    I don't think I will do the full raw milk diet but instead do 1 or 2 days a week raw milk only. If that helps a lot I may consider the full diet. I'm not sure I can get enough milk to do it though.

    I look forward to reading your blog. I followed Elizabeth at http://www.livingthenourishedlife.com when she was following the milk diet. Sounds like it is very beneficial.

  6. Hi Kat,
    Yep Convista is the share I am at, great to hear that you have a second source as well! We joined Jacqueline last summer.

    All the old books written on the subject suggest that Holstein are the best. Also from reading the books, I'm not sure the 1 to 2 days would give full benefit from aliments. 4 weeks seems to be the minimum. But don't get me wrong, drinking 1 to 2 days a week would be a good thing! I can say right now that on Day 5, 6 liters/day, there is a battle going on in my digestive tract, the battle of good bacteria over bad, very unsettled. But I believe this is due to gut flora that is way OFF balance. The milk cure was written before anti-biotics existed, so there is not much literature on the this. Hopefully once I start getting my weekly posts up (start next Monday) they will be of some value to those interested… most people's gut's are unsettled for a few hours at the start, not 5 days and on-going.

    That said, the affect on skin, one of the main reasons I am doing this, is really astounding. I am really looking forward to what 6 weeks will bring. I have been on accutane twice and nothing comes close to 5days on MILK! Fingers crossed there.

    Elizabeth's posts is what got me thinking it might be a good thing to try, she is regular at 180health blog, there are a few of us on the milk diet right now.

    Love these old books, really interesting read if you have the time:

  7. Me again,
    I will add that Jacqueline is providing me 24 jars a week, not sure is if she could cover multiple people trying this at once though 🙂

    She has been very supportive so far, plus I promised to return my empties more promptly!


  8. Interesting why they recommend Holstein, everyone told me to go for Jerseys no question. Do you have any info/links that explain why?

    I haven't talked to Mike the owner of the cow share yet about how much I could get. I'm allowed 9L to start with and maybe more as he grows the herd. I was simply going to start with 1 or 2 days a week because my health is already quite a lot better. I don't have any digestive symptoms, although my skin could use some help. I'm just not sure at this point I *want* to do a restricted diet again 😉

  9. Not sure why holsteins, but its in the original book, the google book link I posted. I think Jersey were second best option… depending on height, you can calculate how much you should drink for the milk cure per day. ie I'm 6'1 so 6 quarts / liters per day…

    I hear you on restricted diets, this is the last extreme thing I will try, and 4 to 6 weeks won't be so bad. 🙂 Low carb was the one that really beat me up the most.

    Main reason I bring it up, if it could cure your gut and then not have to worry about any foods, except omega 6 oils and excess fructose and such, I think you get the idea there, I saw your comment on Free the Animal, to Beatle (he is a friend and fellow raw milker!)… life could be much easier, or make a trip to China much simpler 😉

    You have lots of good posts and I just found your blog, so lots of reading for me. Thanks for taking the time to get your story out there! Great to hear you have overcome your symptoms!


  10. Hey Kat,

    As luck will have it. Checking out the Primal idea through a blog you had posted for info. At Girl Gone Primal, on Thursday, April 30 2009 post, down at end of post is a picture of pizza with yellow peppers, bacon and basil on a Cauliflower Pizza Crust! Looks fantastic. There is a link to recipe and directions and even more pictures! all reviews are that it's awesome and ya won't miss flour based crust. Worth a try, know I will in the future. Based on looks alone! ha ha
    F.Y.I. in the quest for alternative pizza crust. I would like to know what is all involved in the "meatzza" sounds intesting as well.
    Take care and good luck with the list, keep us in the loop, looks good, SandraH

  11. Sandra, the meatza uses ground beef, some spices, and an egg as the crust. I plan to at least try this one once, and try some other crust variations too. The cauliflower crust sounds interesting but I don't want to eat too much cauliflower (gas issues) just yet.

    Beatle, that recipe for BBQ sauce looks perfect! Probably some honey would sweeten it up enough. I took some beef broth out and will try it tomorrow. Thanks 🙂

  12. Interesting why they recommend Holstein, everyone told me to go for Jerseys no question. Do you have any info/links that explain why?


    Holstein is what Bernarr McFadden used and I believe Dr. Porter. Their books are easily accessible on the web. It was not what Dr. Crewe used, one of the founders of the Mayo clinic, but his work is not as easily accessible.

    McFadden also recommends the milk be skimmed. My guess is they liked holstein milk because it was less fatty than Jersey or Guernseys. However, Dr. Crewe had fantastic results using full fat milk.

    Sometimes people forget the Milk Diet has an ancient pedigree of success, and folks like Hippocrates, who was a big advocate, were not using the milk of holsteins.

    In today's genetic milieu, I would be extremely leery of holsteins unless it was my only choice, but neither would I assume that a Jersey cow is A2 without being tested.

  13. The butternut squash fries are TOTALLY worth it. I just peel, chop, toss with olive oil and good salt, and throw in the oven for 30-45 minutes, at 375 or so, keeping an eye on them – if they're not all even, some brown first, you can just um, "remove" those. I usually have them with homemade ketchup or garlic mayo. I think they key is just simmering for a long time, otherwise the recipe is pretty simple – tomato, vinegar, honey, onion, and some salt/cloves/allspice/cinnamon. Keep tasting as you go to balance out the sweetness and acidity.

    I made amazing barbecue sauce, which is a shame, as I don't eat meat – I used it over salmon and it was still amazing. I looked up a bunch of bbq recipes and modified them for scd. Used buckwheat honey for the molasses and some liquid smoke (there are some without additives, like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Lazy-Kettle-Brand-Natural-Liquid/dp/B000I552GE) or, just add some bacon. Really good, just go easy on the mustard.

    Finally, this is my hands down favorite SCD bread – great as toast with eggs, great for burgers, sandwiches, or just dipping. You can play with the flavors a lot, too, but I love it as is – it's perfect for me! http://www.scdrecipe.com/cookbook/sample-recipes/focaccia/

  14. Thanks Michael. The Jersey's haven't been tested so I don't know for sure that they are A2. But, better chance that they are I guess. I don't mind milk with extra fat, it makes the best/creamiest yogurt.

    Alex, thanks for the bread recipe. I think I have seen posts from people who tried it and love it. Interesting thought to put bacon in BBQ sauce. I have some bacon grease in the fridge I might try adding to flavour it a bit. I need to get some liquid smoke too, have never tried using it.

  15. Steph, I love Michael Smith! That recipe with honey subbed for the sugar is SCD legal. How much honey did you put? I'd probably start with 1/2 cup and see if that's sweet enough.

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