My Real Food Sources

Ottawa/Gatineau Area
Over the past couple of years I have come across many sources of real good food. Below is a list of sources I personally buy from regularly and trust. I have met the farmers and discussed their farming practices with them. These are all sources of organic produce and pastured meats/dairy/eggs. All of them are very accommodating for delivery or pick-up of orders. Don’t hesitate to contact them with questions!

Dobson’s Beef
Farmer Bob Dobson sells pastured beef usually by the quarter, half or whole. He can also accommodate purchases of individual cuts at a slightly higher price. Recently he has been selling sausages as well. He can arrange for delivery or you can find him at the Carp Farmers Market in the summer.

Totally Natural Beef
Farmer L.J. Helferty sells pastured beef by the cut, packages of around 20 lbs, quarter, half, or whole cow. This is my original and favorite source for beef but they have been out of stock lately. I’m really hoping by next year they get more inventory. I have ordered a few times from them, usually 20lb packages of stew, roasts, and ground. The mature ground beef they sell is a bargain and tastes great.

Canreg Station Farm & Pasture Dairy
Farmer Josef Regli sells pastured lamb by the cut, 1/2 lamb or whole. I usually order 1/2 lamb at a time. I have tried other sources but this is by far the best tasting and best price. You can ask to have it wrapped in paper or plastic, I choose freezer paper (cheaper and better for the environment).
They also sell delicious sheep milk cheeses and have a few varieties that are aged hard cheeses appropriate for the SCDiet. They can be found at the Byward Market in the winter and at the Farmers Markets at Main Street and Landsdowne in the summer.

Bootstrap Farms
Nico van Stralen and his family sell pastured pork by the cut, 1/2 or whole pig. I ordered a 20lb “traditional cuts” package along with some organ meats. Delicious!
They also have chickens, beef, and eggs by order but I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. They sell at the Byward Market in the winter and at the Farmers Market at Landsdowne in the summer.

Bearbrook Farms
My absolute favorite source for all things animal. They carry different types of eggs such as bantam chicken, regular chicken, duck, and even sometimes emu eggs. They have all sorts of meats available (even exotic stuff like rattlesnake and ostrich) and make delicious sausages free of preservatives, chemicals, gluten etc. They also make meals, meat pies, and pates. All stock is from natural, organic, pasture-raised animals. They always have a cart at each Farmers Market in Ottawa during the summer months.

The Whalesbone Oyster House
The only “Ocean Wise” retailer in Ottawa offering ethically sourced oysters and seafood. They have both a restaurant and retail shop. I have been to the retail shop several times to buy fish, scallops and oysters. Selection varies by time of year but you can check their website for current availability. They offer a brown-bag lunch that is quite popular. The wild salmon I have gotten from here is absolutely amazing.

Ottawa Organics and Natural Foods
Matt runs a great service that delivers organic vegetable, fruit, and dairy baskets on a one-time, weekly, or bi-weekly schedule. Everything you get in these baskets is so fresh and perfect, it’s almost hard to buy from the grocery store if you need something specific. It has certainly changed my style of cooking for “what do I want to cook” to “what can I make with these vegetables”. You see ahead of time what you will get, and you can even add individual items to your basket if you need more. For anyone suffering from illness, it’s nice to have the delivery service and guarantee that everything is organic. They do try to source locally when possible but offer a wide selection of produce all year round from reliable sources outside of the region.

Rainbow Foods
A vegetarian source only. They carry a large selection of organic produce which is clearly labeled as local or the country of origin. They have fresh organic peanut butter and almond butter ground right when you get it. Also a source of local honey in bulk. Organic nuts, dried fruit, coconut products, and spices. Full line of organic dairy including whole organic cow and goat milk, and organic raw cheeses. They carry tomato paste and coconut oil in glass jars.

Natural Food Pantry
They carry organic meats and wild-caught seafood. I tend to shop here in between bulk orders from local farmers. Hallelujah Organics is their main source of meat and I trust that their animals are raised properly without hormones or antibiotics. This store is great for buying by the cut for chicken, beef, pork and sometimes lamb. They also carry whole chickens that aren’t too big, a good size for one meal for a family of 4. They also carry organic fruits and vegetables, local honey in bulk, nuts and dried fruits, Larabars, and organic frozen vegetables and fruits.

Mother Earth Natural
They are the only retailer in Ottawa I have found to carry the Weston Price recommended brand of Cod Liver Oil. Bulk organic spices and nuts. Also lots of green products such as cleaning products, feminine sanitary products, and lots of books.


Organic Nuts, dried fruit and coconut products. Even with delivery it’s cheaper than buying in stores, and is a good service for all of Canada. I’m not sure what shipping costs would be to the US but simply email them and they’ll let you know. They were very quick to respond to questions and very helpful. I use this as my source for buying nuts in bulk. Great quality products.


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.


  1. thank you for this list! I'll have to do some real research now.

    We've been enjoying our Ottawa Organics delivery – now on to meats!

  2. Glad you all found it useful 🙂 I feel spoiled that we have such great farmers, shops and services in Ottawa.

    Ann, that Edible Arrangements looks like such a great idea. Perfect for Mother's day.

  3. I'm very jealous. Following SCD would probably be more beneficial if I had access to these wonderful resources locally.

  4. Aw Misty, I'm sorry! lol, I do agree it is a blessing to be able to have such great quality food available while following SCD. I've actually noticed a difference when I eat grass-fed beef vs grain-fed and can't imagine having as good a healing response to this diet if I was still eating grocery store meat.

    One thing I learned for finding local sources is not just to rely on Farmers Markets but also to just put an ad up somewhere. I put an ad on a free classifieds site for my area asking for eggs from a small farm. I got three responses from local families who all keep just a few chickens and have extra eggs. I had been getting them from Bearbrook farms but in the winter they are quite far for me to go. Finding a family who lives close by has made it so much easier. Would that be an option to try and find sources near you?

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