Tandoori Chicken

I felt like having some Indian style food today so I decided to make Tandoori chicken. Raman Prasad has a delicious recipe that I’ve made before, so I was going to again. I looked everywhere that I keep recipes (most jotted down on random scraps of paper) but it seems I never wrote it down. I don’t own any SCD recipe books so I turned to Google and searched for “SCD Tandoori”. And of course, my own blog comes up with my review of Raman Prasad’s version, no recipe. I checked a few others and they all use Garam Masala spice mix, which I didn’t have. So I just winged it.. and it turned out pretty good! I will definitely make it again and might change a few things. Looking at the one I made before, I think I used dripped yogurt and that’s why it looks less watery. I’ll update the recipe as I work through it. It’s pretty simple and if you’re missing any spices just add more of the ones you have. I think this is a recipe that is made differently in every kitchen.

Recipe in my Poultry section.


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