Update.. Girl Stuff: Chinese Meds, Acupuncture and No-Poo

It has been just over 3 months that I’ve gone off the birth control pill and started Chinese Medicine. Reason I was on the pill was for horrible menstrual symptoms. I’m almost certain it was related to Celiac disease and intake of gluten. Since coming off the pill I have had 2 cycles that were mostly pain-free. Things are not back to normal yet, but my naturopath is assuring me to give it some time and keep on the Chinese meds. I’m taking Tang Kuei (Dong Quai) and Bepleurum and have had no bad side-effects. I have to say, I can’t quite believe how well things are going. Doctors had pretty much given up on me by age 16 in dealing with painful cramps. They seemed to think Tylenol 3’s + codeine was a decent solution, and birth control pills an ever better solution. Wow am I ever glad I don’t rely on doctors anymore!

I have had acupuncture twice and can’t believe how well it works. I was so skeptical about it but tried it out of trust for my naturopath. I have had 2 sessions before my cycle starts to try and ease any PMS symptoms and regulate timing. Literally within an hour of having the acupuncture session all PMS symptoms are relieved, it’s amazing. HIGHLY recommended that any woman with any problems related to their cycle seek out a good naturopath and/or acupuncturist. Also if you are worried about pain or anxiety with the needles, oh my goodness they are so harmless! Tiniest little sensation from them going in and then you forget about it. Plus you get at least 20 minutes of lying still which is a nice break.

So far timing is not at all regular but I’m being patient, it’s only been a few months! I feel better off the pill so that is worth it to me. And btw, libido is very much back, even after being on the pill for over a decade and being as sick as I was. I hope that gives someone out there some comfort to know, you can get healthy again! And if anyone is considering a gluten-free diet for endometriosis or any menstrual related symptoms – DO IT! Fluffy bread is not worth the pain and torture. Check out the GAPS diet (http://gapsdiet.com/) and the SCD diet (http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/). I am not the only one reporting relief from pain due to these diets.

A few more things my naturopath suggested:
-magnesium for cramping: I take up to 600mg per day during crampy days, 200mg on a regular day
-fish oil: I did take some for the first month off, but now am stopping it, will post about that soon!
-vitamin C and bioflavonoids: instead of a supplement I am buying fresh lemons and oranges, and eating lots of sauerkraut
-vitamin D: I get mine from cod liver oil, plus an extra vitamin D supplement (no sun strong enough here in winter)
-walking every day: this has helped so much, and I do yoga once or twice a week
-lots of leafy greens: still working on this, I don’t do well with lots of veggies

Now another update, I had gone to no-poo (no shampoo or conditioner) last May out of frustration with the skin issues I was having. It has helped, but mostly it has shown me just how much I do NOT need shampoo or conditioner! Here’s a pic of me this past week, no shampoo or conditioner since last May. It’s not a super clear picture, but I think you can tell my hair looks ok, no greasiness, no tangles, I’ve even had compliments lately! Everyone keeps asking if I dyed my hair, saying the colour looks richer. Nope! I have used apple cider vinegar as a rinse a couple times a week, and an egg once or twice a week to wash with. No chemicals. I tried baking soda a few times but didn’t notice it doing anything so I don’t bother with that.

(BTW do you notice I look alive in this pic? I have energy! And I’m showing off my new scarf from Taiwan – gift from a friend)


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.


  1. I have been looking into alternative hair treatments. I was going to try the baking soda route but now I might try that apple cider vinegar / egg regiment. Can you tell me more about how you do it?

  2. Hi Jen!
    I have 2 cups in the bathroom. I crack the egg into one, and put a splash of vinegar (maybe 1-2 tbsp) in the other. In the shower, wet your hair with cool water. Grab the egg yolk with your hand, mush it on top and massage into your scalp and hair. If you need more (if you have a lot of oil or product build up) pour the white on and massage that in. Rinse fully in cold water (warm water will 'cook' the egg white in your hair). I sometimes gets pieces of egg white, but they come out with blow-drying. Or I just use the yolk.

    Fill the cup with vinegar half way with water. Pour over your hair trying to coat it best as you can. Then you can either leave it for a while then rinse, or don't rinse at all. Some swear not rinsing it gives even more shine.

    If you find your hair smells like egg or vinegar too much, the baking soda will help with that. Or add some essential oils to the vinegar rinse. Note that even if your hair smells like vinegar when wet, it won't smell like vinegar once it's dry.

    In my experience the baking soda did not cut oil at all, the egg did wonderfully.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I read that you use the vinegar a couple times a week and the egg once or twice a week. Do you use the egg and the vinegar on the same days?

  4. Everytime I use an egg, I also rinse with vinegar. And then I usually do a vinegar rinse in between egg washes. Really you can't do the vinegar thing too often, it can be a daily rinse if needed. Let me know if you try it!

    Also, when I get my hair cut, I let them use shampoo once making sure not to touch my scalp. I've never had any problems doing shampoo once then back to no-poo.

  5. I use baking soda and LOVE it. My hair is on the short side, but it has been a total miracle for me. I just pour a couple tbsps into my hand, mix it with some water into a paste, and then work it through my hair for a couple minutes. Rinse well. I use regular (natural) conditioner but many people just do apple cider vinegar. 🙂

  6. I just tried an egg shampoo recipe (cracked egg + ACV + water). The volume & curls are here but it seems to make my hair drier (therefore a bit frizzy) and not very soft (maybe less ACV and adding some oil would do the trick?)
    I think I'll just stick to making a nourishing egg hair mask once it a while.
    My hair seems to like rhassoul clay better (clay + water + a bit of oil…rosewater and/or henna optional).
    Your hair on the other hand looks great!

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience! I have fine not curly at all hair that tends to do better when completely clean and free of buildup, and the egg seems to work best. For curls though I can see it being maybe too drying. Where do you get the clay from? I haven't heard of that for hair care before.

  8. Clay has been used a shampoo substitute for a long. I think you can even use it as dry shampoo.
    It get my rhassoul clay at Mountain Rose Herbs.

  9. Hi, Really? ACV as a rinse ? Kat your hair is long, what about tangles? have you tried to as they say in cooking, temper the egg with warm water,massage scalp and then rinse without much chance of scramble? I am excited to try the egg as a no-poo alternative. As a rinse ACV only 1 to 2 Tbsp per rinse? Thank you for the help.

  10. Hi Sandra, I forgot to mention, absolutely no tangles! I used to get very bad tangles if I used shampoo and no conditioner. Now, nothing. I even notice as the day goes on my hair is less tangled. I can even get away with not brushing it most days.

    The eggs I keep at room temperature. I break it into a cup, grab the yolk with my hands and massage that in, then pour the egg white on and massage that in. Rinse in lukewarm water. I haven't had too much trouble with getting cooked egg in my hair, but did find a piece of egg white once. If you want to avoid that, I suggest using egg yolk mostly and not so much egg white.

    The vinegar, I use 1-2 tbsp in one cup of water for each rinse. Hope you find it works well for you.

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