Update again plus coconut flour!

Since my last post I ended up restarting the parasite herbal cleanse and stuck to it for about 8 weeks. I started with a very small dose and slowly increased until I was at the recommended level. I didn’t notice any side effects this time. About 4 weeks into it I noticed quite an improvement in my digestive symptoms. The often loose stool, undigested food, plae in colour, was starting to all go away. Then after the 8 weeks I stopped the cleanse and still the symptoms stayed away. It was only a few weeks after moving into a new house that I realized I had hardly any digestive problems for weeks. Not 100% sure it was parasites, but it seems that this herbal mixture really fixed me up well.

I had also gone ‘off’ eggs when I last posted. I have since been having them once or twice a week only, and have been rotating between duck and chicken eggs. I have a small local farmer that sells both at the farmer’s market. It’s incredible how good they are. Lately I have been able to have small amounts more often, as I have been using them to make muffins.

I used to rely solely on almonds for making baked goods while on SCD. I was almost scared of trying anything different. Message boards and other bloggers seem to claim that everyone should have the nut baked goods. At the same time there seems to be a consensus on coconut flour being too ‘advanced’. Well I figured after almost a year of eating nut baked goods (not constantly, I would go weeks without, just to make sure I’m not addicted) I was going to try coconut flour. So I got the book ‘Cooking with Coconut Flour’ from my library and gave it a go. Oh My these were good. I don’t even like coconut that much but wow, these muffins were like cupcakes they were so good. Light, fluffy, way better than dense almond flour. So of course I gorged and ate three right away. I figured this would help me find out if coconut flour was truly an ‘advanced’ food. Well I was fine. In fact, I did better gorging on these than I did only having one almond flour muffin per day. So to anyone who is nervous about trying coconut flour, go for it! It’s worth trying at least. I just think if I had been having these instead of nuts I would have been so much better off. I would think it’s also more helpful against Candida and bad bugs, since coconut seems to have such healing properties. If you’re like me, it’s better for you and easier to digest than the nut flours. A side effect quickly noted was that I seem to get a weird body odor with almond muffins if I eat a lot. With the coconut muffins, I actually smell good.

After I realized that I did better with coconut than almonds, I decided to experiment to see if I could include nuts in my diet in some other way. I had done the basic almond flour recipes, tried it with applesauce instead of eggs, tried soaking the almonds before hand and tried having very small portions infrequently. All three methods seemed to produce the same result. I can eat them without being sick, until I eat too many, say 2 per day for a few days. I seem to do ok if I only have 1 or 2 muffins per week, but still have that weird body odor. Then I tried just eating a handful of nuts. Not soaked, not ground up into flour or butter, not cooked. I did this for a week, and surprisingly the body odor stayed away and no digestive symptoms surfaced. So of course I thought immediately it must be something else in the muffins that was bothering me, except that I did the same recipe, with coconut flour in place of almond, and had been eating those every day. So something about cooking nuts just doesn’t sit well with me. I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the type of fats they’re made up of. Coconut flour is mostly saturated fat and withstands heat well. Almond flour is mostly monounsaturated fats which aren’t quite so stable in heat and can go rancid. Rancid fats can definitely affect body odour. I’m also wondering if it has to do with the Omega fats balance. Almond flour is high in Omega 6, while coconut is not. Maybe my body doesn’t like the extra Omega 6.

If anyone is wondering why I even bother with nuts and baked goods, I am seriously trying to gain weight. Everytime I cut out nuts (or now the coconut flour that has taken their place) I lose a few pounds and freak out. That’s with eating lots of meat and good fats, as much vegetables as I can have, and yogurt made from 10% cream, sometimes 2 cups a day. I think I just need more calories, but eating more meat doesn’t seem to help and I’m reluctant to use more honey, fruit or higher carb vegetables. The coconut flour muffins I made are actually quite low carb (and lower than the almonds, which need more honey!). So I guess you could say I’m now doing a lower-carb version of SCD, and I’m liking it.

I’m looking forward to trying out a few coconut recipes, like coconut ice cream or adding coconut milk to some indian dishes I make. Any extra coconut and calories sounds like a good plan to me!


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.


  1. If you're worried about trying other nuts, why don't you try seeds instead (such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds…)?
    Seeds are less allergenic and also very nutritious plus they are usually more affordable than nuts.

    Other "fattening" ideas:
    -coconut oil & coconut milk
    -homemade nut/seed milk (made either by soaking the nuts/seeds or an "express" version with nut/seed butters)
    -homemade (bone) broths
    -raw dairy products (milk, cheese and butter)…plus if you make your own yogurt, it'll be more nutritious than with pasteurized milk.

  2. I do eat seeds as well yeah. I guess I just don't like them as much as nuts. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, and sunflower seeds are my favorites. I also try sprouting sunflower seeds now and then for something different. I didn't realize seeds would be less allergenic, maybe I'll have them more.

    Unfortunately there's nowhere near me that I can get raw milk. I do get cheese and butter made from raw milk, both goat and cow.

    And yep, I drink lots of broth. I probably go through about 2 liters a week. I haven't done nut milk lately, I find I need to add too much honey to make it taste good.

    I'm just checking out your blog now, it's awesome!

  3. Hello again Kat!
    I'm glad that you like my blog ;).
    Since you seem to enjoy coconut flour (as I do), I thought I'd let you know that I posted a "Cream of Coconut" breakfast recipe.
    Hope you'll like it…

  4. ALchemille, i would love to see your cream of coconut recipe. I'm on GAPS intro diet and looking forward to trying recipes with coconut and coconut flour.

    Please send me the link. Thanks!


  5. Are/Were you a very active person that you need more calories?:)
    I wonder especially during your adrenal fatigue stage,how active you were/moving/exercising and if you had a job back then?…and how did you handle it all,the cooking,social life,job?

  6. @Joey I was not very active at all during this time, but was underweight. The most I did when I wasn’t feeling energetic was walking and light yoga. I did have a full time job, cooked, had a social life. I can say I didn’t watch much TV and just made it work. I slept a lot too.

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