Well my plan didn’t work..

A couple weeks ago I decided that my way of dealing with my health and following SCD and everything would be to win the lottery, ‘retire’ and everything would be great! So I have bought 4 lottery tickets and didn’t win. I think it’s time to face up to reality.

Ok kidding, I wasn’t honestly thinking I would win a jackpot. I just took a much needed mental break from constantly thinking about health. I have been trying to sleep more, nap in the afternoons and relax in the evenings. And of course I have gotten nothing done in the meantime. Laundry is pilling up, I have no food left in my freezer and have a million and one things to do for school. Sigh

My daily diet has sort of changed recently. I am eating lots of eggs again because they are nutritious and I really don’t care if an allergy test showed a mild reaction to them. In a few months if I notice things going down hill I may revisit the situation but until then I’m eating them almost everyday. I have been going to the farmer’s market on Sundays to get fresh pastured eggs and wow they are amazing. So different from store-bought eggs. These pastured fresh eggs actually have a flavor! I’m hoping to try eating them raw soon. I’ve been reading a lot about raw diets. I wish I could eat raw vegetables and fruit but I can’t. So I’m thinking of starting with eggs and liver (in a smoothie perhaps?) after hearing that eggs don’t’ usually cause an allergy when eaten raw. I also got another order of grass-fed beef delivered yesterday, including free liver.

My weight has not come up at all in the past few weeks and I found myself right back to where I started, a measly 90 lbs. This while eating 2000 calories a day. How does that happen? Who knows. My naturopath used to be against me using digestive enzymes because she said we should figure out my symptoms and what works first. Well now that I haven’t had any symptoms for 2 months (yay!) she’s telling me to use the digestive enzymes temporarily. We’re hoping they will 1) let me eat more variety (avocados and nut butter brownies are back in my diet) and 2) let me eat more quantity (since they will help digestion speed up a little, I may feel more hungry for my next meal). So far it seems to be working. I have a small brownie each day and about 1/4 cup avocado. I have also added cow’s milk yogurt into my diet successfully. I have no idea why I had hives last time I tried to introduce it but it seems to be fine now. I’m making yogurt with organic half n’ half (10%) milk.

Here’s a sample daily menu:
Breakfast: goat yogurt with honey, applesauce with coconut oil, 2 eggs with chicken broth & goat cheddar cheese
Lunch: chicken legs with lemon juice and honey, garlic, piece of avocado, mug of chicken broth
Supper: beef stew with carrot, tomato, chicken stock, onion, garlic and coconut oil
Snacks: cream yogurt, almond butter brownie, more applesauce, banana, cheddar cheese
Supplements: multivitamin, multi mineral, B12, folic acid, dessicated liver tablets

On a positive note, I am thrilled BBQ season is upon us! I was at two BBQs this past weekend. Yes, I still felt like a weirdo eating my burger with no bun and ‘special’ ketchup, passing on the pasta salad and chips, answering people’s questions “Oh you’re a lacto right? That’s why you aren’t eating this stuff, can’t you take a pill for that?” Lol, it was a very innocently asked question from an ill-informed friend. But hey, I got to eat food with other people without having to special order anything. I hope the rest of summer plays out like this. No restaurants, just BBQs!


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.

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