I’m addicted to new (and old) appliances

I went out and bought a juicer today. I know, I have like 5 bagillion small kitchen appliances (2 blenders, 2 yogurt makers, food scale, 2 crockpots, food processor, meat grinder, etc etc, mostly hand-me-downs from grandparents) but I just had to get a juicer. I’ve always read about health benefits of juicing and decided to buy into the hype. Any bets on how long this fad will last? I always go through little stages of having one thing I make a lot of. For the past few months it’s the yogurt. Now I’m making yogurt with half n half which is super thick and ends up making more (and more calorie dense) yogurt, so I only make it once a week instead of 2-3. Before that it was anything in the crockpot (which in all fairness I still use twice a week). Before SCD I was baking to the extreme with random alternative flours.

The juicer I got is a stainless steel Waring Pro Juice Extractor. I bought it second hand from a local classified ad. It seems to work pretty well, getting a lot of juice out of the vegetables. So far I have made just a bit of carrot juice with garlic. It’s not any noisier than my blender, but it is a pain to clean up.

I will mostly start with the carrot juice and garlic. I’ve heard this helps Candida and is gentle enough on an iffy digestive system. I’m hoping to add celery and cucumber soon. The juicing should help me get some extra vitamins in my diet. I was taking a multivitamin for about 1 week but have gone off it.

Lesson #48923 on SCD: DON’T take multivitamins with iron, just don’t.

I have always been the person who reacts to anything in supplements. My naturopath has tried me on many different multivitamins, minerals, herbal formulas etc. I always get the one side effect that ‘rarely occurs’. Sigh. I guess it’s back to basics and letting nature help me get better. I have changed from taking folic acid + B12 to a full B-complex (Freeda SCD legal B-complex with C and Zinc) and will stick to that, along with a multi mineral that I have found I tolerate well. I’m hoping the juicing will help me get more vitamins A, C, E, K etc which I’m not getting from any supplements. My diet does include some veggies and fruit, but with the heavy cooking I’m pretty sure nowhere near enough vitamins are left in them.


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.

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    Grace and Peace,

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