New Kitchen, New Adventures

(Picture is of my kitty, Grimace)

We got our new appliances the other week and they’re all very nice, high-tech stainless steel. Our oven is convection and has a flat stove-top. We’ve since realized none of our pots have flat bottoms anymore and it’s amusing to watch them wobble all over the place. I’ve been in the kitchen every day since started SCD and let’s just say I’ve had some “fun” lately.

I decided to do some bulk baking in our new stove. I put in a bunch of chicken and artichokes, squash, and meatballs to bake at the same time. Well it seems the top rack was a little close to the coils and when I went to take stuff out, I burned the oven mitt. I pulled the stuff out of the stove and my brother and his friend start yelling “YOU’RE ON FIRE!! YOU’RE ON FIRE!!”. I immediately panic thinking my hair is on fire, so I start swatting at my hair with the oven mitts (after putting the dish safely down). “NO NO! DON’T TOUCH YOUR HAIR!!!”. Turns out *I* wasn’t on fire, but my MITTS were (they could have been a little more specific). Somehow I managed not to get my hair caught in the flames, tossed the oven mitts to the ground and the flames went out. Phew. Dinner happened to be delicious that night, thank goodness.

Fast forward a few days and I’m really getting used to our nice new fridge. It’s really big, fits everything comfortably and of course does not fit under our old cupboards. So our fridge is moved to the side in the middle of nowhere with no counter next to it. (We will be getting new cupboards soon.) So I go to take out some recently made chicken stock in order to put it into ice cube trays to have frozen cubes which are more convenient. I take the bowl of stock out and turn around to walk over to the counter.

I hear a little bell and mad galloping sounds but do not react quickly enough and trip over my cat (she’s bad, so we keep a bell on her to warn ourselves) spilling all of the chicken stock over the entire kitchen floor. Of course part of the kitchen floor is new and unfinished, so any spills on it could stain it forever. I quickly run to get the mop and start mopping up. The cat is licking up the chicken stock simply in heaven. I start mopping, she starts attacking the mop, which is removing her precious meal from the floor. When I finally finish, kitty decides it will be fun to jump in the bucket I’m using. Of course there’s water in the bucket so she freaks out and jumps out, spilling the gross bucket water on the floor. I mop up again, trying to be thankful that at least I’m getting a workout? I don’t know how else to look at this lightly. One hour of cleaning so far..

After mopping up I took a small bowl of water and soap over to the new section of kitchen floor. I spend one full hour on my knees dabbing soapy water and then clear water and then dry towels, trying to get any stain out of the flooring. I’m successful! At least to the naked eye, who knows what’s trapped in that wood now.

I hear licking sounds and know the cat is on the counters. Sure enough, she’s helping herself to some delicious dirty dishes. Finally I catch her and toss her outside. That’s what happens when kitty is bad, outside in the snow she goes. I clean the dishes by hand since our new dish washer is not installed. My hands at this point have been wet for about 2.5 hours. They start cracking a little. I finally finish and decide to pull some meals out of the freezer so I don’t have to do anything else in the kitchen that day.

I let the cat back in. She’s purring and acting all sweet and cuddly. Good thing she’s a cute cat..


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.

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