I Have a Job!

So a couple weeks ago I got an interview and just found out I got the job! The whole process was a little strange so I’ll start from the beginning…

My mom works at a software company and obviously over the years of working there has mentioned her kids and how we’re in computer software in university. Well one of her coworkers (a manager) was looking to hire a coop student for the summer and asked my mom about me. She told them I was actually not available for summer because I was finishing up my masters and wouldn’t be done until August. So then he started asking if I was available for a full time position and of course I jumped at that and said yes!

They told me to send in my resume which I did right after Christmas, knowing most people wouldn’t be in that week anyways. Then I got an email to set up for a round of interviews. I basically had 3 interviews one right after the other with different managers from different teams. The interviews went well, other than me not having a whole lot of job experience (did my masters right after undergrad, no coop). The managers all seemed eager to tell me about their projects. One manager in particular, the one who asked my mom about me, was very interested in hiring me. Supposedly he believes in ‘good genes’ so I guess my mom has proven to be quite an employee with this company!

They told me I would hear back within a week or so. Well at two weeks I hadn’t heard anything yet, although my mom kept saying she really thought I would get it. I thought they were taking their time figuring out how to tell me no. Turns out their HR person had just left and they had a new guy come in just after my interview. So they had decided the day of my interview to hire me! But, I didn’t find out for 2 weeks since the whole process has to be done formally through HR. I went in to sign my papers and it’s official. Oh and the new HR guy was very nice too, I think he’s doing a good job so far.

Both the day of the interview and the day I went in to sign stuff, I went in with my mom and worked from her cubicle. Seemed both times like ‘take your kid to work day’ and felt pretty silly actually. Oh well, in the end I have a job. Guess it helps knowing people, and even better, having a family member set some good standards for us 🙂

So I will be starting September 2, 2008. I am really excited for the change from the school work. Sure the 9-5 job has its own stresses, but I really think I need some routine back in my life. I think I do better in terms of health, eating, etc when I have a steady week. I will be joining the cubicle world soon, hope I don’t get lost 😉

PS: made some SCD beef meatballs today (recipe in Raman Prasad’s cookbook – Adventures in the Family Kitchen) and had them with some ketchup for dinner, mmmmm tasty.
Also had some mandatory veggies with that, you know, to keep it healthy. 😉


I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since January 2008 to recover from Celiac disease. As part of the diet, I don't eat grains, sugar or potatoes and prepare all my meals from scratch.

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